Chris and Brett have been mates for years and first bumped into each other at the Diamond Valley Superules Footy Club where they were both playing in an over 35’s AFL competition. Premierships, footy trips, presentation nights, post-game and post-training, beer was never far away, and along with the shout came a chat and a check-in with how things were going. Life was great until the Covid-19 pandemic killed off the 2020 season completely and severely impacted the 2021 season. Catch-ups, shouts, and chats were becoming further and further apart. We were losing touch with each other.

Chris realized that it had been far too long since he’d bought Brett a beer and on a whim, arranged for some VB’s to be sent to his house along with a note to see how he was going. The reaction was immediate. Brett was on the phone with Chris in a flash and they were chatting and connecting as they used to over a beer after a game.

It was bloody good.

A couple of hours after their phone call, Chris called Brett back and said ‘I think we’re onto something here.’ To which Brett replied ‘Bloody oath’ and My Shout was born. The idea that sending your mates a couple of beers and a note to see how they’re going started to take shape. From these humble beginnings, a business that’s all about mateship, connection, laughter, and care was created.