Chris, a father of two young kids loves hanging out with his mates down at the local footy club and shouting a few beers. But between full time work in the brand and marketing industry and studying his honours in psychology, Chris has missed his turn to shout more than once and wanted to find a way to still connect with his mates even if he couldn’t be there in person. As one half of the MyShout brains trust, Chris no longer has any excuses for missing shouts and not checking in with his mates.

Not surprisingly, Brett has a lot in common with Chris. He’s also a dad of two young kids and loves a beer down at the local footy club as well. Working in the health and fitness industry and running a number of businesses, Brett has a lot on his plate. Always the first person to buy a round for his mates, Brett wanted to be able to shout his mates even when work/kids/life stopped him from getting down to the footy club and catching up with the boys. It made sense to start MyShout.