To allow friends to connect and care, over a beer when you can’t be there. 


MyShout aims to open a door to a conversation that may not have happened and connect with mates when space and time has prevented this from happening. We aim to spread joy, good will and happiness through a gift that doesn’t ask for anything in return and check in with mates in an authentic way. Through all of this we aim to strengthen our sense of belonging and celebrate the great Aussie ‘shout’ with those we care about.

MyShout has four overarching values: 

  • Connect
  • Care
  • Laugh
  • Share


Connect with friends when a connection has started to wane. Through lockdown, life, or any other circumstance, if we haven’t seen our friends and had an opportunity to ‘shout’ them at the bar, this is a way that we can still do this. It allows us to open a door to a conversation that may not have happened and re-connect again. 


Show care for our friends and family in a way that is comfortable and genuine. A small gift that lets them know that there are other people out there that care and want to remain connected with them. This care can sometimes be difficult to articulate, however, the Aussie tradition of ‘shouting’ your mate a beer is one of the best ways to demonstrate it. 


Sometimes we need a laugh and shouting a mate a beer, getting stuck in and having a good chat is a great way to bring a smile to one’s face. Generating a laugh and smile through genuine messaging and photos helps brighten moods and help friends through life. 


Building the connection with our friends through sharing and paying it forward, helping to build a sense of belonging. Receiving a shout is great, shouting your friends feels even better and helps continue the cycle of connect, care, and laugh.